English for Academic Purposes: study English for success at university!

‘English for Academic Purposes’ means the English you ought to succeed at a university. At SSC , the Academic that is‘English Language Skills’ helps you get better grades in your academic essays and examinations.

The English for Academic Purposes course trains you in:

  • understanding written academic text
  • Writing essays that are academic
  • Giving presentations that are academic
  • involved in academic discussion.

Academic English presentation at Scotland Study Centre

These skills are crucial if you want to flourish in your academic career.

English for Academic Purposes: a approach that is non-traditional

On traditional courses, you learn within the traditional way.

A‘Body’, and a ‘Conclusion’ for example, you have probably learned that, when writing an academic essay, you need an‘Introduction’. But this type of basic structure is as useful as a doctor telling you that a‘ is had by you head’, a ‘Body’, and ‘Feet’. Put differently, it is useless.

At SSC you truly discover ways to structure essays that are academic. You learn by:

  • using an infinitely more detailed structure that teaches you what you need to put into each element of your essay.
  • analysing example essays to understand how they are structured and exactly how language can be used inside them.
  • redrafting essays along with your teacher in class.
  • learning, as you analyse and essays that are redraft your teacher, a quantity of basic techniques/tricks that make essay writing much easier and much more effective.

The techniques you learn from the Academic that is‘English Language Skills’ course allow you to:

  • write essays
  • read academic texts
  • give academic presentations.

An awareness with this same structure is also useful for you personally when you’ve got to learn academic texts so when you must structure academic presentations.

English for Academic Purposes: Insights into British Academic Culture

The ‘English Academic Language and Skills’ course also provides insights into simple tips to succeed inside the British academic culture. Different countries have different ways of carrying out academic research. They also have different styles and rules for academic essays, presentations, and discussion. in order to flourish in an English language university, you’ll want to learn the methods and rules of English language research that is academic discourse.

If you should be an instructor of English or a language school agent and wish to organise a full-time intensive academic English course at SSC, then a program may be tailored towards the specific needs of your group. Fro example, the course can give attention to your students’ specific level as well as on their specific subjec/st of academic study, such as Business, Law, or Marketing.

You can choose the ‘University visit’ option, which allows you to visit the different universities in Scotland to help you decide which one is best for you if you join an SSC English for Academic Purposes course as a group. In the time that is same you can enjoy and study on the different cultural and historical sites in the university cities that individuals visit.

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