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English for Academic Purposes: study English for success at university!

‘English for Academic Purposes’ means the English you ought to succeed at a university. At SSC , the Academic that is‘English Language Skills’ helps you get better grades in your academic essays and examinations.

The English for Academic Purposes course trains you in:

  • understanding written academic text
  • Writing essays that are academic
  • Giving presentations that are academic
  • involved in academic discussion.

Academic English presentation at Scotland Study Centre

These skills are crucial if you want to flourish in your academic career.

English for Academic Purposes: a approach that is non-traditional

On traditional courses, you learn within the traditional way.

A‘Body’, and a ‘Conclusion’ for example, you have probably learned that, when writing an academic essay, you need an‘Introduction’. But this type of basic structure is as useful as a doctor telling you that a‘ is had by you head’, a ‘Body’, and ‘Feet’. Put differently, it is useless.

At SSC you truly discover ways to structure essays that are academic. You learn by:

  • using an infinitely more detailed structure that teaches you what you need to put into each element of your essay.
  • analysing example essays to understand how they are structured and exactly how language can be used inside them.
  • redrafting essays along with your teacher in class.
  • learning, as you analyse and essays that are redraft your teacher, a quantity of basic techniques/tricks that make essay writing much easier and much more effective.

The techniques you learn from the Academic that is‘English Language Skills’ course allow you to:

  • write essays
  • read academic texts
  • give academic presentations.

An awareness with this same structure is also useful for you personally when you’ve got to learn academic texts so when you must structure academic presentations.

English for Academic Purposes: Insights into British Academic Culture

The ‘English Academic Language and Skills’ course also provides insights into simple tips to succeed inside the British academic culture. Different countries have different ways of carrying out academic research. They also have different styles and rules for academic essays, presentations, and discussion. Read More

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The Philippines possesses one really one-of-a-kind element of lifestyle when it relates to partnerships as well as outdating.

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Filipino outdating lifestyle might reside in sync along with the remainder of humankind in the starting phases of outdating as well as courting just probably a bit extra conventional. Yet there is actually a single thing that prepares all of them apart that is actually gotten in touch with ‘PAMALAE’. In any case, just before our team come to that, listed here is actually a tip exactly how dating, courting develops till relationship.

Like every other courting, every little thing begins along with conference somebody right? In the Philippines, the typical instance is actually a ‘mutual friend’ or even coworkers at the workplace or even at college, a neighbor- somebody they observe often. As soon as some passion is actually developed, the following quit would certainly be actually the requesting of the Contact number. This is actually definitely performed due to the guy and afterwards our team get out to the second phase.
Filipino outdating lifestyle firmly focuses on the tissue phone-calling as well as texting the one you want several opportunities a time is actually a must. Early in the courting, greetings notifications and so forth are actually delivered throughout the time. In my viewpoint, this is actually a method of all of them to mention ‘hey, I am actually curious you can not you view’.

At that point eventually, is actually the girlfriend/boyfriend phase. The exciting point exists are actually many methods for the fella as well as woman to become part of a connection. Alternative one being actually the professional ‘would certainly you be my girl’. Possibility 2 is actually the ‘assumptive’ technique where each in some way ‘understand’ they remain in a connection with no phrases. And afterwards alternative 3 is actually the ‘may too reside in a connection’ where either woman or even child just reveals that they are actually just as good as ‘girl/boy pals’ thus why certainly not?
Today as points buckle down, the individual will wish to present his gal to the moms and dads as well as additionally along with the woman. Depending on to Filipino dating procedure, it is actually counted on that the 2 frequent either residences as well as hang out along with the loved ones. This I locate to the primary of Filipino family members market values. As early as this, moms and dads and also member of the family on each edges recognize the connection as well as perhaps ‘accept’ of it.

Lastly, our experts reach the appealing part-engagement. I recognize in the majority of societies, some of a male’s even worse problems is actually the plan as well as the anxiety of turndown. Effectively, in Filipino outdating society, this need to be actually the very least of your issues. This is actually where our company speak about ‘pamalae’.

Primarily, this is actually where the guy requests for the female’s submit marital relationship. Asks that? No, certainly not merely the father brown like you will anticipate however it is actually really severe as well as significant household undertaking. Exactly how performs it function? Firstly, the guy carries along all his shut member of the family and also perhaps even buddies the place being actually the gals’ home. And also found additionally is actually the gal’s friends and family.

The entire objective of the occasion is actually to refer to your programs as a married couple consisting of wedding event place, as well as the overall future of the partnership. It could be really nerves wrenching as they each rest there as well as ‘defend their passion’. This is actually likewise the opportunity any individual that possesses one thing ‘versus’ their choice to acquire wed needs to speak out and also attempt to ‘encourage’ the bride and groom to hold off the wedding event. (Speak about getting on the hot spot)

Food items as well as alcoholic beverages are actually additionally aspect of the thoughtful celebration and also friends and family invest this final food along with their liked ones that will enter into a various phase in lifestyle.

There are actually many terrific societies worldwide when it involves outdating however individually, this pamalae is just one of a kind. There is actually no dower included, no distressing habit- it is actually the embodiment of what real family members partnerships should feel like. It is just one of the heritages I a lot admire.

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Yaşam alanlarımızın pratik hale gelmesi deprem ve afetler üzerinde etkilidir. Olası bir doğal afetten en az hasarla kurtulmak için veya afet sonrasında daha güvenli alanlarda yaşamak için alternatif yaşam alanları kurmak gerekir. Afet sonrası yerleşimler de ise en çok tercih edilen yapı türü konteynerlerdir. Peki konteyner nedir?

Çeşitli boy, genişlik ve yükseklikte, soğutmalı, havalandırmalı, üstü açık, dökme yük için vb. tipleri bulunur; gemi, uçak, tren ve kamyonla taşınabilir. En kolay kurulum ve taşıma şekli Ahi Yapı tarafından tasarlanmış olan katlanabilir konteynerlerdir. Sadece bir forklift veya vinç yardımı ile kolayca bir yerden başka bir yere nakliyesi gerçekleşir.

Konteyner fiyatları bir ya da birden fazla taşıma modu ile yükleri yolda boşaltıp doldurmadan taşınmasını sağlayan bir araçtır. Çeşitli yükseklik ve ebatlarda, istenilen renk ve özellikte gerekli olan her alana inşa edilebilir. Kolayca taşıma imkanı sağlaması ve pratik bir şekilde kurulması sayesinde konteynerler, afet sonralarının vazgeçilmez yaşam alanlarıdır.

Katlanabilir konteynerlerin tercih edilme sebeplerinde öne çıkan bazı özelliklerini şu şekilde sıralamak mümkündür.
Her iklim koşullarına dayanıklıdır,
Üretimde hızlıdır,
Maliyet yönünden düşük maliyetlidir.
Doğal afetlere karşı dayanıklıdır (deprem )
Bir çok kez farklı yerlere taşınabilme özelliğine sahiptir.
Yüksek kalitededir.
Sevkiyat edilmesi kolaydır
Yüklenmesi ve sevkiyatı kolaylıkla yapılır.
Demonte konteynerler şantiye adresinde kuruldukları için nakliye avantajı sağlamaktadır,
İstenilen tüm özelliklerde yapılabilmektedir.
Gerekli durumlarda yaşam konteyneri olarak da kullanılabilir.
Kolay ve hızlı çözümler sunmaktadırlar.
Standart modellerin yanı sıra ihtiyaca uygun modeller dizayn edilebilmektedir.
Konteynerlere ihtiyaç durumlarına göre çatı yapılabilmektedir.
Farklı iklim koşulları için özel üretimler yapılabilmektedir.
Dış kısımlarında boyalı galvaniz saç kullanılmaktadır, iç kısım isteğe bağlı yapılabilir. Plastik lambri-Sunta -betopan vb.
En çok kullanılan tercih edilen konteyner çeşitleri 3*7 olarak bilinmektedir.
Konulacağı alan itibariyle farklı ölçü seçenekleri mevcuttur.

Katlanabilir konteyner adı verilen ürünler Türkiye’de ilk defa Ahi Yapı tarafından tasarlanmış ve üretilmiştir.  Kolay taşıma özelliğinden ve afet sonrası ihtiyaçlardan kaynaklanan tasarım biçimi ile katlanabilir konteyner tercih edilmelidir. Katlanır konteynerler kullanım sonrasında kolay stoklama imkanı da sağlamaktadır.

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